"I would like to thank you for taking the time and having the patience to discuss the design and details of construction. The decisions we made proved to me over and over again that your guidance was based upon solid construction principles while achieving the desired aesthetic appearance."

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Log home construction in process

The Log Home Building Process

Handcrafted in the Muskoka Region of Central Ontario

Whether Norwegian Dovetail, Scandinavian Scribe, Piece en Piece, or Timberframes, we handcraft our log and timber frame homes outdoors at our wood yard in Washago, Ontario, Canada and then reassemble them on your property upon completion. Our process for these handcrafted log house constructions is lengthy, requiring many steps and great attention to detail.

A Log is Born

Davidson log constructions are unique because every single aspect of the homes is one of a kind--down to each individual log. It all begins with nature's finest - the client's choice of wood for their home is delivered to our work site in the form of raw logs. We strip off the bark by hand and then use a draw knife (and lots of muscle) to remove the cambium layer of the log. It's this age-old process that sets handcrafted homes apart from manufactured ones. We dont use high production machines whose high rpm blades inhibit the surface from penetrating a quality stain. This is just one of the reasons why a handcrafted home always has richer color than its machine made counter part.

The Work of the Artisan

Once prepared, each log is worked by the same artisan throughout the entire placement process. First, the artisan closely examines the size, bow, amount of taper, and grain of the log. If the work piece is deemed worthy, the chamfer is cut away so as to remove as much sapwood as possible (this is where the majority of shrinkage occurs) and then places the log. In the case of log homes, he uses a divider and the precision of a surgeon to scribe the log below. That same artisan then takes the log to the cut out bunk where tools such as axes, adzes, gouges, and fishtails are used to cut, clean, and finish it to perfection. (Oftentimes, it is here that an artisan may take the time to add special embellishments subtle hints of pride that may take years to notice.) Once finished, the log is positioned and set with a large wooden mallet and the process is repeated.

Delivering & Constructing your Log Home or Timberframe Package

When the log work is complete, each piece is marked with a specific name and number and then the whole structure is disassembled. It is then shipped to its final destination and our crew of artisans work diligently to set each piece in its final precise location.

Although our custom designs are delivered to countries all over the world, we're proud to say that the vast majority of the log and timber frame homes we build find their final resting places close to home in Ontario, Canada. There's no place like the cottage country of Muskoka, Haliburton Highlands, Kawartha, and Greater Peterborough to show off these beautiful creations.

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