"Davidson Log & Timber Artisans built our home in 2003, Their craftsmanship and attention to detail was exceptional! The project was on time and on budget. We look forward to working together on our next project."

Joy, W.

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Log Home Cost-Calculator

If you’re wondering how much a handcrafted log home from Davidson Log & Timber Artisans might cost, complete the form below to get a general idea. Of course, each home is unique and there are variables to consider, but here is a simple way of calculating a ballpark price for a finished 2,000 square foot home that's ready to occupy. You might be surprised at how reasonable our rates are.

What kind of interior detail and finishing work would you like in your home?

Bare Bones, no added detail work

pine floors, asphalt shingles, unfinished basement, simple trimming

Standard Finishing

hardwood floors, fireplace, some stone veneer, metal roof, etc.

Exquisite interior finishing at prime location

cedar or slate roof, stone fireplace, more stone veneer, in-floor heating, use of higher quality materials including plumbing, electric fixtures

What is the perimeter of your home--how many lineal feet make up the exterior walls, including windows and doors?

(If unsure, 250 lineal feet is a common perimeter for a 2,000 square foot home.)

Would you describe the timber roof system as:



Something to write home about

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