"Matt is passionate about his craft; demonstrated by his enthusiasm from the first time you meet with him through to the completion of the project. Our post and beam home is a showpiece and everyone who comes through with any knowledge of timber frame is frankly in awe of Matt's craftsmanship."

Deborah K.

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Why We Build Log Homes to Last for Generations 

Log and Timber Homes are Meant to Last Forever

In this modern world of computer-generated house plans and factory-built subdivisions we see many houses that, although they look nice (and often just like the one next door), are not built to last.

But centuries ago, the master craftsmen of Europe were commissioned to build log and timber homes of the finest quality and workmanship - homes created with such skill and exquisite detail that their beauty can still be appreciated today.

Handcrafted in Central Ontario but Inspired by Ancient Artisans from Europe

These are the homes that inspired the founding of Davidson Log & Timber Artisans. And these are the journeymen and architects who have most influenced our method and style for handcrafting beautiful homes.

We strongly believe that a home should be far more than a shelter or a place to hang your hat - it's to be a place we can go to encourage our soul and gather the strength needed for daily life. In studying the pictures of those medieval log and timber homes in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we can't help but think that the artisans of old believed this, too. What else could have inspired them to accomplish such great and lasting works?

It is in the spirit of these master craftsmen that we go about our daily work here at Davidson.

You'll Know It's Davidson

Everything we do is motivated by a deeply held desire to build beautiful works of art that will last for generations. That's why when you see a custom designed home built by Davidson, you also see the engraving of a diamond-shaped lozenge. This finishing mark is our own way of saying that some things should last forever. This is our own way of leaving a legacy.


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