“Matt Davidson is a unique individual; a man of integrity, passion, pride and purpose. He uses old school principles and techniques married to a love of modern engineering and wood in order to design and handcraft homes that truly can be said to be works of art.”

Russell and Anne D., Huntsville, ON

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Our Artisans

Davidson Log & Timber Artisans is a family-run business that's the optimum size for handcrafting log and timber frame homes we all are proud of. In addition to our choice handful of talented artisans, we also employ two friendly office staff, and one fabulous architectural designer. Each of our log builders is gifted with great skill and creativity, and passionate about doing his or her work with a high-degree of excellence. By keeping the number of our artisans and the projects we take on to a minimum we can guarantee that everything produced in our yard bears the mark of superior, lasting craftsmanship and is historically accurate. Most importantly, we are able to ensure that every clientwhether theyre from Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Brantford, Oshawa, Mississauga, Niagara, Texas, or overseasreceives the individualized care and attention they need.

Ever since our humble beginning, we have had a waiting list of clients six to twelve months long that has compelled us to work year-round. In Muskoka, Ontario, that means working many long weeks at sub-zero temperatures. But our artisans are a hardy bunch, and the creative freedom they're allowed inspires them to take great pride in their unique work. When our artisans choose the log they are going to work with, they don't see just another piece of wood. They think of the bigger picture, and view their contribution as an important part of a final masterpiece.

All artisans are guided by company owner and master craftsman,Matt Davidson. Read our history to learn about Matt's background and the skills and experience he acquired over the years that qualify him to build unique custom log homes.

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