We hired Matt to build us the log home we'd always been dreaming of. The end result is more stunning than we could have imagined. A true work of art.

Leslie K.

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About Wood

The most important thing about a handcrafted home is the wood that it is made from and the knowledge the builder has about the wood. Wood is really an amazing collection of cells. It has an insulation value, a thermal mass value, a fire rating and it exchanges air. Species ratings differ but one thing holds true across the board...wood wants to breath for a reason...so let it!

Wood cells are saturated and full size when fresh (or green). As the wood sits in a dry location the moisture content will begin to decrease. Moisture will leave the wood. Once the moisture content is below 28% +/- the wood cells begin to shrink. This causes the annular rings to straighten which is why wood cracks when it dries. This is a natural thing to occur and expect. The cell size decreases and the timber/log size follows suit. This will happen until the home reaches equalization with its surrounding climate. In Ontario equalization is at 10-12% MC so yes even wood from the lumber yard has to equalize.

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