"Matt is hard-working, dedicated and creative individual. He built our log home on time and on budget and created a masterpiece that we are proud to call our cottage. I recommend Matt in a heartbeat."

Katrina G.

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Fine Handcrafted Log Homes From Ontario

Davidson Log and Timber Artisans handcraft beautiful, naturally renewable log and timber frame homes for discerning clients in Ontario, Canada and across the world. We have built our reputation on service and creativity and take great pride in our craftsmanship. If you are looking for a handcrafted log home builder you can trust with your dreamhome, we want you to know that ALL of our clients have been 100% satistfied with the unique and artistic home we have built for them. Learn more about the log home buyers we have served.

What Style of Log Home are You Dreaming of?

If you are here visiting our website, you have probably been dreaming of a log home for a long time now. But do you know what style of log home you are looking for? We offer a variety of log home styles that are built using round logs, square logs, and a combination of the two.

The elegant and timeless Norwegian dovetail log home, which originated in Europe, is our signature square log home style. It’s recognized for its timeless appearance and remarkably long lifespan. The timberframes and piece en pieces we build are a different style of log home that also uses square logs but incorporate other materials as well—whether wood, stone, or brick. These log home style provide the greatest amount of flexibility in design and can be modern and airy, or more rural and country as you prefer.The rustic Scandinavian scribe built from massive locally grown Eastern white pines is the round log style of choice for our more traditional log home clients. If you are a purist when it comes to log homes, this style might be for you.

Still undecided on what log home style best suits you and your lifestyle? See below to learn more. Or contact us today for a personal consultation.

video-img.jpgTour a Handcrafted Log Home: Built in our Signature Norwegian Dovetail Style

Every log home we build is one of a kind. Click here to see the unique features of this beautiful log home built in Huntsville, Ontario.

Norwegian Dovetail Square Log Home Styles

Norwegian Dovetail

  • Our signature style: We have revived and mastered the technique
  • Hand hewn heartwood logs are squared for beauty and stability
  • Most stable, decay resistant, and durable log wall in the industry


Scandinavian Scribe Style handcrafted log home

Scandinavian Scribe

  • Traditional rustic log home style made unique with our specialized corner joinery technique
  • Massive round logs hand picked from local pine forest
  • Energy efficient yet hand scribed so perfectly that no chinking is required


Square log timberframe home


  • The modern and versatile alternative to a log house
  • Style mixes squared logs with other construction materials such as wood, stone, or brick
  • High trusswork and exposed beams show off traditional joinery techniques


How Much Does a Log Home Cost?


Now you can estimate how much it would cost to build your dream home using our online log home cost calculator.  It might be closer than you think!

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Are You the Handcrafted Log Home Type?


Handcrafted log home buyers come in many shapes and sizes, but there are a few qualities that our clients share in common. Click here to see if you're the kind of person who is well-suited for a handcrafted log home from Davidson.

Log Building News from Our Facebook Page

May 17, 2018
Site visit to a home we built in 2004 on Otter Lake near Dorset Ont. Any body that knows me, knows I very much dis like eagles and other random wild life carved into log ends, it's totally tacky to me. But here in the year of the prow, we threw an otter in at the bottom of the king post of the entry truss. Carving work credited to Freind and trapper, Dale Black. I like it!!! #tbt #davidsonloghomes #loghome #logbuilder @ Dorset, Ontario

May 16, 2018
Delivery coming up for this #garage #studio next week.#scandinavian #loghome #davidsonloghomes @ Davidson Log & Timber Artisans

May 4, 2018
Giving Ali a hand today at camp white pine installing her #hardmaple counters. Here is the Fire pit Gazebo we delivered last year. #firepit #gazebo #davidsonloghomes #handcrafted @ Camp White Pine

May 1, 2018
The little shop that could! A lot of people didn't know this, but we have a cabinet shop that Ali works out of as well! It's amazing what she can do in this 24x28 log cabin shop! Here are some beautiful custom doors Ali is building for @campwhitepineofficial . Constructed with full mortise and tenon. These are the doors you just don't find any where else, and the ones that will last! #solidwood #mortiseandtenon @ Davidson Log & Timber Artisans

April 29, 2018
Last Saturday I woke up to a thought of having book shelves in the hall way. Ali and I love books!, it probably has something to do with the 18 years with out television, and that probably has something to do with having 4 children. Once the book shelf was ready, our youngest daughter, Edie started the worthy task of going through our boxes of books, books we didn't have the heart to let go,catagorizing our literary treasures, (like "the craft of log building" for example, lol or one of Ali's Tolstoy 's) one by one,. She came across an old photo album, era 1996 ish. The year I started in this craft under Bullock and Co. In New lowell, On. Edie asked me who's house this was, and I can't remember the name, but I remember Denise @westedendesign1 designed the home, I think it was in '97, or 98, ,it was my first note worthy log roof system, and it was in Boone ,North Carolina, which had an amazing steak house, called "the peddler " where they would roll the trolley of beef out to the dining area, and have you pick the cut, and the size. @westedendesign1 , was it the Duffy house? @ Davidson Log & Timber Artisans




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